Why Choose Stackup as Your Go-To for Account Abstraction over Others, Like Alchemy?

Stackup is more than a node operator -- account abstraction is the core of our business.

At Stackup, we're more than just another node operator. Our unique offering lies in the foundation of our business - account abstraction. This isn't just a peripheral feature for us, but rather the essence of our services. We understand that smart accounts will constitute a crucial part of your business and hence, you require a partner who can provide top-tier, reliable support in this area.

Our journey began with a singular focus on ERC-4337 back in November 2021, when we commenced the development of a consumer-centric smart contract wallet. As we built this wallet it became evident that the industry was in dire need of a dedicated ERC-4337 solution. And who better to fulfill this demand than us, the ones knee-deep in the trenches, experiencing first-hand the challenges and value of the opportunity?

We pivoted, putting our time, expertise, and resources into the development of an ERC-4337 solution, tailored to meet your requirements. Today, we take pride in our uptime of >99.9%, a testament not to our success, but to our unwavering commitment to supporting you and ensuring your blockchain operations run seamlessly.

As a decision-maker in your organization, we understand that you're not just looking for a vendor, but a partner. A partner who not only understands the intricate world of account abstraction but can also guide you and provide robust, customized support. With Stackup, that's exactly what you're signing up for.

Join the ranks of many leading blockchain companies that have trusted us to empower their blockchain products. Choosing Stackup isn't just about a service; it's about forging a partnership centered on reliability, innovation, and a mutual desire for long-term success. Together, we can shape the future of smart accounts, providing your organization with the solid foundation it needs to reach new heights.