Announcement: Bundler Test Suite

The ERC-4337 team has announced a bundler test suite as a security audit begins

Last week the ERC-4337 team made a big announcement.

The latest revision of ERC-4337 and the EntryPoint implementation have reached "release candidate" status and will soon undergo a security audit! The implementation undergoing audit can be found here.

It's been an exciting year for the ERC-4337 community as the protocol has progressed from an early idea to multiple implementations from various teams. We at Stackup believe strongly that EIP-4337 is the next big thing for the Ethereum ecosystem (well, that and EIP-4844, but that's a blog for another day). You can read the ERC-4337 announcement here.

A unified network

In order to achieve the goals of ERC-4337, we believe it is important to have a unified network of bundlers and clients. Yoav Weiss has a great summary why a unified EIP-4337 mempool is important on this on his blog. The Infinitism team has released the Bundler Compatibility Test Suite to ensure that different bundlers can communicate effectively and defend against DoS attack vectors. The tests verify that compliant bundlers properly propagate valid UserOperations, handle signature aggregation, and prevent access to restricted storage slots and opcodes. Non-compliant bundlers may be at risk of attack and financial loss. As of early January 2023, only Stackup's bundler and Infinitism's reference bundler are compliant but others are quickly progressing.

To assist with compatibility, the reference implementation of a compliant bundler has been finalized and published to Dockerhub. It is intended to be used as a reference for other bundler implementations rather than in production.

At Stackup we are grateful for all the contributions made to ERC-4337 related projects in 2022 and look forward to its adoption in 2023!

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