How Trust Wallet used Stackup to attract more users

Having launched in 2017, Trust Wallet is intimately familiar with the challenges of onboarding users into crypto. After the announcement of ERC-4337, Trust Wallet saw a strategic opportunity to expand their user base by embedding smart accounts into their mobile app. These smart accounts allow users to leverage the power of crypto with self-custody while avoiding the headache and challenges of remembering private keys. They began researching for providers who could provide the necessary infrastructure to achieve this aim. Stackup's extensive documentation made it easy for the team at Trust Wallet to understand the basics of ERC-4337.

Stackup recognized the immediate challenge - no one had developed a smart account wallet for such a large existing user base. Given Trust Wallet's existing technology stack, extensive customization and guidance was needed to ensure a seamless, performant UX. Stackup's team provided white glove support to the Trust Wallet team, guiding them on how to design for ERC-4337 specification which ensures they can be compliant with whatever service providers Trust Wallet decides to use. In addition to helping the Trust Wallet team integrate ERC-4337, Stackup also helped Trust Wallet create custom smart contracts, logic for estimating gas fees, developing ways to increase speed of transactions by 400% and creating a custom transaction mempool.

Within 3 months of starting work together, Stackup delivered all the necessary infrastructure and custom development needed for smart account rollouts. This saved Trust Wallet 100+ hours of NRE.

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Stackup is an exceptional partner to us at Trust Wallet, providing the performance, security and support we need to confidently deliver the next generation of web3 experiences to our customers.
Eowyn Chen, CEO

Trust Wallet

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