Eco brings crypto payments mainstream with Stackup

Eco launched in 2018 to bridge the gap between traditional payments and cryptocurrency. Recognizing what ERC-4337 could do for their strategy, they decided to build "the first self-custody payments wallet built for the mainstream" and called it Beam. Eco began looking for partners to help them bring this vision to life and discovered Stackup, the leading account abstraction provider.

Stackup quickly provided infrastructure and guidance to the Beam team on how to create the desired UX and how to sponsor gas fees with the token being sent. Since this was a new wallet, Stackup was able to provide education and guidance from the beginning to help Beam build efficiently without wasting valuable resources.

Beam was able to build their new wallet in record time, launching their wallet 4 months after the ERC-4337 standard went live on Ethereum, thanks to Stackup's infrastructure.

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Launching a market-leading non-custodial payments wallet is no simple task. Stackup made it easy for us to ensure we have the performance and scalability we need to onboard the next wave of web3 users.
Andy Bromberg, CEO

Beam by Eco

Beam by Eco leverages Web3 technology to create a simple, powerful UX for payments.