Smart Account Infrastructure

Stackup makes it easy to build custom web3 transactions flows and wallets using ERC-4337

Blockchain apps, APIs, and wallets all use Stackup as their smart contract account infrastructure

Access ERC-4337 Bundlers & Ethereum Nodes

Stackup is the trusted provider of ERC-4337 infrastructure and nodes on all EVM compatible chains.

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Sponsor gasless transactions today

Stackup provides a fully managed paymaster service. We charge you the gas at the end of the month, so you only need to worry about the user experience.

No gas tanks or contract deployments.

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One-click experiences

Simplify Transactions with One-Click Experiences

Stackup's account abstraction infrastructure makes it easy to bundle transactions together, turning complex sequences of transactions into simple one-click experiences for your users.

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Example of web3 games and dapps that use Stackup to turn many complex actions into one click.
Designed for developers

Built for Developers,
Loved by Users

Our easy-to-use web3 APIs make it simple to create polished, user-friendly experiences for your users. Plus, our open-source SDK is battle-tested, so you can focus on building your product, not on infrastructure.

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Example code for sending ERC-4337 transactions with Stackup's UserOperation builder and client RPC.
Why Stackup

Why Stackup is the Best Choice for Your Web3 Needs

ERC-4337 Experts

Stackup has been working with ERC-4337 since 2021 and is the author of the most popular bundler software. Work with the ones who wrote the code.

Save infra dev time

Our open-source SDK is battle-tested so you can focus on your tech while we take care of gas fees and transactions. We can also help you work with our partners for your specific needs.

Sponsored transactions

Use ERC-4337 to bundle transactions together and pay gas fees, turning many individual transactions into one simple step for your users.

Pay as you go

User-centric pricing and zero starting cost.

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